Early voting for the general election is now open

Actually, it has been open for several days now, but I may have not noticed that fact until today. Oops.

Early voting will run through Saturday, November 2, at 706 W. Corporation St. A sample ballot and operational hours are listed in this PDF file.

As a reminder, here are this year’s endorsements. Of note: the Indy has finalized its endorsements to reflect the results of the primaries, which I’ve added to the list:

Group Mayor Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3
Durham People’s Alliance Bell Cole-McFadden Davis Moffitt
Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People Bell Cole-McFadden Beasley Karriker
Friends of Durham Bell Cole-McFadden Beasley Karriker
Indy Week Bell Davis Moffitt

The Indy didn’t even bother endorsing Cole-McFadden (seeing as how she’s unopposed and all), so the only addition is that of Moffitt in Ward 3, which is somewhat unsurprising considering that his challenger, Pam Karriker, doesn’t even support same sex marriage. In Durham. In 2013. Get with the times there, grandma.

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