Intrepid Life launches indiegogo campaign, is also apparently for sale

The first time I heard anything about Intrepid Life Coffee and Spirits was when I saw on reddit that it’s closing.

The business, which is owned and operated by a former Marine and strives to employ vets, has apparently been struggling for a while. In response to back rent, a couple of weeks ago the owner indicated on Facebook that he was closing shop.

The following week, though, an indiegogo campaign showed up asking for $25k to keep the business going. Shortly after the launch of the campaign, Intrepid Life started receiving some press, and most notably they were honored by President Obama. They’re now at $21,090 out of the $25000 goal following an apparent Obama bump.

On the face of it Intrepid Life looks like a business that’s worthy of support, but /u/sellbotics did a bit of digging and noticed that the business has been listed as for sale for some months now. The reason listed for selling: “Owner is burnt out.”

Is this a struggling business looking for a cash infusion to keep the doors open? Or is the owner looking to move on?

Regardless, crowdfunding is never a sure thing, either for the funder or the funded. As always, caveat emptor.

The Fresh Market is coming to Durham

Regional chain “The Fresh Market” (based out of Greensboro, NC) is planning to open its first Durham location off University Drive, back behind the Super Target.

If you’ve never been to a The Fresh Market, the stores are typically clean and stock higher end products. They strive for a niche somewhere between the limited selection of Whole Foods and the “full service” selection of stores like Harris Teeter. I think of them as a very slightly lower end (and lower priced) version of Whole Foods, where you can buy toilet paper that isn’t made out of 10x recycled cardboard, but you still may not be able to find all the conventional goods you’d get from a regular store.

The location is kind of a head scratcher; the shopping center is called “Parkwood Plaza” and it’s fallen on some hard times ever since Food Lion (and later K-Mart) ditched the place. It looks pretty danged shabby at the moment, which doesn’t really match The Fresh Market’s upscale vibe. They’re also right across the road from Super Target, and University Drive doesn’t exactly have the best visibility these days. So, best of luck to them.

The H-S article says they’ll be open in “the winter.”

Whiskey to close August 2

Well, I didn’t see that one coming. According to their twitter account, Whiskey’s shutting down operations. According to their Facebook page (apparently), they’re closing for good on Aug 2.

Whiskey seemed to always be doing well when I was in the area, but seeing as how I have a three year old child I didn’t actually have much of a chance to frequent the joint. Best of luck to the Whiskey folks in their future endeavors.

Here’s a song for the occasion:

UberX hits Durham

and several other NC towns too. Uber started service in Raleigh several weeks ago, and at the time they mentioned they’d be coming to Durham soon. Well, now is soon:

Today at noon, uberX is hitting the streets in Durham and Chapel Hill along with four additional NC cities: Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville and Wilmington.

I’m not an Uber shill or anything, but I’m all for some disruption in transportation around here. It’s great to have some additional options while we wait (probably decades) for light rail to come to the area.

FOOD NEWS: Pizzeria Toro slated for July re-opening, Dashi gets location, Fullsteam on TV

A couple of downtown restaurant odds and ends for ya:

First up, following many months idle and with little fanfare, Pizzeria Toro has announced its return:

You can make that two wood-fired pizza options come late July, when the outstanding Pizzeria Toro, closed by a fire in November, is slated to reopen.

Toro’s been closed for months following a kitchen fire, and its return is definitely welcome.

By the way, I’m also pretty well impressed with Pompieri (from the BCBB crew) which opened during Toro’s absence. More better pizza options are good for everybody – now one of you guys needs to start delivering!

Next, Dashi – the upcoming noodle bar which is a joint venture of Toast’s Billy and Kelli Cotter and the Cookery’s Nick and Rochelle Johnson – has a final location. The restaurant will be near Rue Cler on W. Chapel Hill St, near the intersection with N. Mangum.

And finally, Fullsteam is going to be featured in this week’s episode of “Brew Dogs,” which airs tonight (Wednesday) at 9:00 p.m. on the “Esquire” cable network (or, alternately, whenever you feel like it on the Internet).

DCM changes name… to DCM

I noticed that DCM has  gone through a bit of rebranding to reflect their non-central-park-adjacent location:

As many of you know, this co-op market was originally named with a location in the Durham Central Park district in mind. As we move into our actual location, on West Chapel Hill Street, conveniently located near to downtown, both Duke campuses, and many residential neighborhoods, we have changed the name of the market to avoid confusion, and to emphasize our cooperative structure. From now on, Durham Central Market will be known as Durham Co-op Market.

So, yeah, from now on you can just call it… DCM. I see what you did there, guys.

In addition to a new name, they’ve got a new (very slow at the time of this writing) web site at The grocer is currently planning to open “just after the new year” and looks to hire 20-30 employees prior to opening.

Triangle Restaurant Week is upon us

Just a quick note: if you like food, this is going to be a good week for you.

Triangle Restaurant Week, which began in 2008, is an annual event designed to promote local restaurants. There’s a huge list of participants across the triangle, including 24 Durham restaurants. Each restaurant will offer 3 course prix fix meals; lunch is $15, and dinner is either $20 or $30.

The event runs through Sunday. You can check out the menus, get details about restaurants, and make reservations over at the Triangle Restaurant Week web site.