Whiskey to close August 2

Well, I didn’t see that one coming. According to their twitter account, Whiskey’s shutting down operations. According to their Facebook page (apparently), they’re closing for good on Aug 2.

Whiskey seemed to always be doing well when I was in the area, but seeing as how I have a three year old child I didn’t actually have much of a chance to frequent the joint. Best of luck to the Whiskey folks in their future endeavors.

Here’s a song for the occasion:

UberX hits Durham

and several other NC towns too. Uber started service in Raleigh several weeks ago, and at the time they mentioned they’d be coming to Durham soon. Well, now is soon:

Today at noon, uberX is hitting the streets in Durham and Chapel Hill along with four additional NC cities: Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville and Wilmington.

I’m not an Uber shill or anything, but I’m all for some disruption in transportation around here. It’s great to have some additional options while we wait (probably decades) for light rail to come to the area.

FOOD NEWS: Pizzeria Toro slated for July re-opening, Dashi gets location, Fullsteam on TV

A couple of downtown restaurant odds and ends for ya:

First up, following many months idle and with little fanfare, Pizzeria Toro has announced its return:

You can make that two wood-fired pizza options come late July, when the outstanding Pizzeria Toro, closed by a fire in November, is slated to reopen.

Toro’s been closed for months following a kitchen fire, and its return is definitely welcome.

By the way, I’m also pretty well impressed with Pompieri (from the BCBB crew) which opened during Toro’s absence. More better pizza options are good for everybody – now one of you guys needs to start delivering!

Next, Dashi – the upcoming noodle bar which is a joint venture of Toast’s Billy and Kelli Cotter and the Cookery’s Nick and Rochelle Johnson – has a final location. The restaurant will be near Rue Cler on W. Chapel Hill St, near the intersection with N. Mangum.

And finally, Fullsteam is going to be featured in this week’s episode of “Brew Dogs,” which airs tonight (Wednesday) at 9:00 p.m. on the “Esquire” cable network (or, alternately, whenever you feel like it on the Internet).

DCM changes name… to DCM

I noticed that DCM has  gone through a bit of rebranding to reflect their non-central-park-adjacent location:

As many of you know, this co-op market was originally named with a location in the Durham Central Park district in mind. As we move into our actual location, on West Chapel Hill Street, conveniently located near to downtown, both Duke campuses, and many residential neighborhoods, we have changed the name of the market to avoid confusion, and to emphasize our cooperative structure. From now on, Durham Central Market will be known as Durham Co-op Market.

So, yeah, from now on you can just call it… DCM. I see what you did there, guys.

In addition to a new name, they’ve got a new (very slow at the time of this writing) web site at durham.coop. The grocer is currently planning to open “just after the new year” and looks to hire 20-30 employees prior to opening.

Triangle Restaurant Week is upon us

Just a quick note: if you like food, this is going to be a good week for you.

Triangle Restaurant Week, which began in 2008, is an annual event designed to promote local restaurants. There’s a huge list of participants across the triangle, including 24 Durham restaurants. Each restaurant will offer 3 course prix fix meals; lunch is $15, and dinner is either $20 or $30.

The event runs through Sunday. You can check out the menus, get details about restaurants, and make reservations over at the Triangle Restaurant Week web site.

Liberty Warehouse has been sold

This isn’t a surprise to anybody (at least, to anybody who was paying attention when we talked about it before), but Greenfire’s sale of Liberty Warehouse has been completed. The final price tag was $3.5M – a number which exactly matches what Greenfire paid for it back in 2006. I’d love to hear from somebody who knows more about the accounting involved here, because I wonder whether Greenfire managed to cash in on any tax credits for “maintaining” the historic building (before they allowed it to fall apart while failing to maintain it).

Durham’s last extant tobacco warehouse won’t be extant much longer, as the new owners, East West Partners, plan to tear the dilapidated building down to make way for a “cool” new mixed use development. Prep for demo should start within the next 45 days.

RDU’s terminal 1 is opening on Sunday

If you’ve flown out of RDU within the past two years, particularly on Southwest, you’ve probably noticed the effects of the Terminal 1 renovation. The airport’s been working on the $68M project to retrofit Terminal 1 (née Terminal A) to match its shiny sibling across the street for so long now that I’d forgotten it was a thing that could actually be finished some day.

As previously mentioned, it’s been a rough winter for the project, and it’s running behind. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and the terminal should be open for business this Sunday:

The renovated terminal includes nine gates, expanded ticketing, baggage claim and security screening area and more natural lighting, officials said. The 11 new shops and restaurants in the terminal include the first airport location for Raleigh-based Char-Grill and ACC American Café, the conference’s first licensed restaurant.

Southwest will be the biggest beneficiary in the near term, as they’ve been operating out of a tiny sliver of the original terminal, which is linked by temporary walkways and just generally feels… old. And while it’ll be a nice upgrade, do take note: in the future other airlines will also start using Terminal 1, so you can no longer simply assume that if it ain’t Southwest you’re in Terminal 2.

Sam’s Bottle Shop set for Thursday opening

Sam’s Bottle Shop (previously discussed here) is apparently ready to rock. It sounds like the new shop is kicking it up a notch:

The new, 5,200-square-foot store is located at 1112 W N.C. 54. It has 26 taps, an educational facility, tasting room and a catwalk to a second-story patio, according to the release. It will have craft beer, wine and champagne.

I’ll mostly keep frequenting the original Quik Shop, seeing as how it’s right down the road and all, but I’m more than a little jealous of you south Durhamites.

The original location on Erwin has been serving the Ninth St. area’s craft beer needs for years, and hopefully it will continue to do so for years to come. One potential SNAFU for the original Sam’s, though: mass transit plans have called for claiming imminent domain on the store and turning it into a train station.

With its second location that’s no longer an existential threat for the business, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, OK?

Full Frame kicks off today, runs through Sunday

If you’ve been in the area for long you’ve probably heard of Full Frame – the annual festival (sponsored by the Duke Center for Documentary Studies) brings documentary film makers from around the world to Durham to show off their work.

Even if documentaries aren’t your bag, the festival is a big deal for Durham. Full Frame spans half a dozen venues and four blocks, over 100 films will be displayed over its four day run, and attendees will dump an estimated $2.5 million into the local economy.

So hey, if you’re near downtown this weekend, you might wanna check it out. Passes are sold out, but tickets for individual showings are still available. If you need some guidance on what to see, The Indy is really the place to get the scoop: they have a list of recommendations as well as a category for articles related to the event.