Dear Council members and Mayor Bell:

You have no doubt seen the recent articles in the Herald-Sun highlighting the neck downs which the city intends to install on West Club Blvd:
This project, expected to cost $350,000, would place traffic islands on the street directly in the path of cyclists. Should this occur, cyclists will be forced to weave in and out of traffic around four intersections. This would create a perilous traffic pattern and one that I believe would be worse for cyclists than the status quo.
As you may know, this design dates back to a study conducted thirteen years ago, at which time the needs of cyclists were not considered. I think it’s safe to say that the transportation priorities of Durham residents have changed in thirteen years; there are more cyclists than ever on our streets, and that number grows every day. Club Blvd was subsequently identified as a crucial artery for cyclists and a target for bike lanes in 2006, and yet the Club plan has not been revisited to take that designation into account.
I attended a BPAC meeting in which Mark Ahrendsen indicated that the fate of this project now rests on the board of the WHHNA. The department of transportation is not eliciting public input, and the WHHNA board now has discretion to determine whether this design is implemented.
I believe that granting such authority to the WHHNA is a mistake, since as well intentioned as they may be, they do not appear to be considering the needs of Club users who reside in other parts of the city. I feel like the transportation needs of myself – and of other cyclists – have not been represented in this process.
I’m reaching out to you in hopes that you might reexamine the design of Club, and re-evaluate whether it makes sense for a few people on the WHHNA board to make such an important transportation decision alone. I am certain there are better options for Club that would satisfy the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, WHH residents, and motorists alike, but I am now concerned that these options will never even be considered due to the momentum behind the 2001 plan.
Thanks very much for your time,

Rose’s Meat Market and Sweet Shop has been nominated for Bon Appétit’s “best new restaurant”

Rose’s has rapidly become one of my favorite stops around the Brightleaf area, serving up freshly cut meat, baked goods, and prepared meals. I was happy to learn that the shop managed to make its way onto Bon Appétit’s list of 50 nominees for best new restaurant, despite not even really being a restaurant.

They’ve got some stiff competition (including one other NC eatery in Asheville’s “Rhubarb”) but they’re the only shop in the triangle to make the list. Best of luck, guys!

I am alive!

Hey guys! I have (and by extension, durham.io has) been on vacation for the past week. Rest assured, stuff has still been happening!

Regularly scheduled programming should resume this week.

Happy 4th!

I hope you guys have fun! As for me, I’ll be riding in the Firecracker 100K ride in Cary. Be sure to say hi if you’re there, OK? I’ll be the guy with the bike. Regular programming resumes Monday.




There are three “bike to the ballpark” events remaining this summer

This summer GoTriangle, Great Outdoor Provision Company, and the Bulls are presenting a monthly “bike to the ballpark” promotion designed to appeal to cyclists.

I went to one bike to the park game last year (and we went to the first one this year on May 18) and I feel like it’s a pretty neat promotion for people who like to get around by bike. The “deal” is that the first 200 people to show up on bikes get free bike valet parking and a “goodie bag” with some trinkets (lights, coupons, water bottles etc) in addition to the option to buy $10 tickets to the game. The tickets are the “cheap seats” out behind right field, which can get a lot of sun – so bring your sunscreen if you decide to take advantage of them.

All of this year’s events are for Sunday 5:05 p.m. games. The next one is this Sunday:

Sunday, June 8th; Game starts at 5:05pm

Sunday, July 6th; Game starts at 5:05pm

Sunday, August 17th; Game starts at 5:05pm

Past experience tells me attendance can vary; we went to the August game last year and the valet parking was slammed with a long wait time. For the May game this year we just walked up to the gate and had no wait at all. You might want to show up just a bit early to be on the safe side.

Program note!

Hey, don’t worry, I’m still around! But I’ve been too busy to blog this week, and there hasn’t been much news anyway. I’ll have something for you next week, I promise.

In the meantime, why not peruse the archives? Did you know that there’s a whole web site devoted to crashes into the Gregson St. train bridge? And what about that whole possum drop thing, anyway?

Monuts makes list of 21 best donut shops in the country, is awesome

Monuts started out several years ago with a tricycle based storefront, catering such prominent events as my neighborhood association’s meetings.

It’s hard to believe that their retail location on Parrish St. has only been around since last spring. Since then, they’ve kind of gone gangbusters, expanding staff and hours to the point that they’re now open 7 days a week for breakfast and lunch.

Monuts has really worked its way into my own routine, and I try to stop by at least once a week after dropping the kid off at school (protip for anybody stalking me: just look for that guy with the Burley bike trailer hanging out near Monuts). I’m partial to their constantly changing bagel sandwich specials, and I’ve never had one I didn’t like.

You can probably guess that I like Monuts a whole heck of a lot. I’m apparently not the only one, and their spot on the Thrillist list is well deserved.

So, a well earned congratulations to Lindsay, Rob, and all the staff at Monuts. Keep doin’ what you do!