Development odds and ends

Several tidbits of development news:

The “Durham Center” project seems poised to start pursuing funding, given the (unsurprising) lack of political opposition. I’d expect them to look for handouts from the city on this one.

Self-Help is trying to buy a parking lot from the city for the site on WCH/Kent St. Their site plan assumes they can get this lot, so the purchase is tightly linked with the overall fate of the DCM project. I think I’ve only ever seen one or two cars in this lot; objections from neighbors to the sale are perplexing to me (as they are, apparently, to some Council members).

The low-income housing project to revitalize the “Rolling Hills” area that was formerly part of Haytai is crawling forward slower than hoped. The project must devote 60% of its units to low income housing to receive tax subsidies, and those units must be opened in 2013. They claim they’re on track to get the minimum required units up before the end of the year (while finishing the market rate units later), but I’m guessing this isn’t the last delay we’ll see.

Another potential low income housing project at the corner of MLK and Cook was shot down by the Durham Planning Commission, which unanimously agreed to urge the council to deny the rezoning request.  How not to get a zoning request approved: file paperwork at the last minute in hopes to beat the deadline for tax credits, without even bothering to create a site plan or reach out to neighbors first. The project’s fate is up to the Council, but with such a strong vote of no confidence its approval seems unlikely at this time.

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