Concrete castle to become doggy day care

OK, I’m not sure how this happened, but I’ve only just now learned about an abandoned castle on Garrett Road.

It’s not a real castle, of course; it’s apparently the “Amaze’n” Castle (not, obviously, to be confused with an amazing castle), and it was formerly a part of “Funtasia” which was a miniature golf / arcade / go-kart whosamawhatsit. When Funtasia went tits up, the Amaze’n Castle and surrounding property was donated to a local charity, which sat on it until the real estate market recovered was sadly unable to develop it on their own, and the property has now been sold to a pet boarding service.

Amazingly, they intend to actually keep the concrete structure around, so I guess visiting pets will be living like Royal’t. I suspect the mini-golf and go-kart track aren’t going to make the cut, but I still have a lot of fun imaging a bunch of dogs on go-karts. That’d make for some pretty sweet GIFs.

If you’re a fan of weird dilapidated stuff, it’s well worth reading the actual article, where they’ve got some interesting photos of the mess.

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