Local jackass opposes DCM parking lot bid

We saw another small step forward for Self Help / DCM as the council voted last night to move forward with the sale of the parking lot on WCH. As you may recall, DCM intends to construct a community owned grocery store in this blighted commercial district near downtown.

There’s always some jerkwad though, and this week that jerkwad is one David Anthony:

Anthony said he’ll compete with Self-Help in the bidding process, with an eye toward combining the lot with the land he already owns.
“I will bid with the intent of building more houses on my lot, or developing commercial myself,” he said, asking council members to withhold from Bonfield the authority to decide the winner of the bidding process.

Ah yes, a lot next to a storefront church in a failed commercial strip, an ideal place for new home construction! If I didn’t know better, I’d read this as pure jackass obstructionism; actually, wait, I don’t know any better, so I think I will read it that way.

The way I understand the Herald-Sun piece (which admittedly could be “incorrectly”), it sounds as if Bonfield has the authority to just sell the lot to Self Help regardless of any higher bids, so this may be only bluster on Anthony’s part.

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