ATT bridge over I-40 will go up this weekend

According to WUNC, the long awaited ped bridge that will link the ATT in Durham up with the route south of I-40 is going up this weekend. Note: “going up” does not mean “going to be finished,” but this is a major milestone on the way to July’s scheduled completion date. Traffic on I-40 will be detoured during the process on Sunday morning.

This is going to be a really nice addition for pedestrians and cyclists trying to get to the Southpoint area, as the ATT presently dead-ends into a shopping center north of the highway, forcing people to use the gnarly vehicle bridge instead. The goal is to eventually link the trail up directly with the corridor in Chatham County to create a unified greenway, but there are parts of the Chatham project that are still incomplete as well.

This expansion will allow yours truly to bike all the way from my house near downtown to Southpoint with only about a half mile spent on actual roads (assuming, for a moment, that I actually have any reason to go near Southpoint). Of course, this route runs through the crime infested wild-west that is the ATT right now, so you might want to hold off on the big ticket items while you’re down there.

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