Transylvanian demands permission slips for health care

Some jackass from my favorite county (which I just learned about the other day) thinks it’s far too easy for teenagers to get health care, and he’s proposed legislation that would require a notarized permission slip for health care involving the following:

  • contraception
  • pregnancy
  • substance abuse
  • mental health
  • STDs
  • vaginas
  • penises

Technically, this doesn’t cover all vagina and/or penis related health care issues, but it does cover all the ones that are any fun.

So, let’s walk it back: depressed teen due to a shit home life? He needs notarized parental consent to seek help. Teen who got pregnant? Parental consent. Teen who may have had sex and wants to make sure she isn’t going to die of AIDS? Parental consent. Teen who used drugs and wants help? Parental consent.

Hey, wonder what these teens might do if their parents are assholes? Oh yeah, probably get no help at all.

So I don’t know, why the parental consent thing, Representative Dracula Douchbag Whitmire?

the bill “strengthens parental rights in their determination of what’s appropriate in terms of their child’s medical needs.”

Oh, I see. And because teenagers aren’t people, they shouldn’t actually have any say in their own health, and it doesn’t really matter if they’re screwed by this. Not like those little bastards can vote or anything, amiright?

Oh, and you might recognize the name Whitmire from the state religion debacle. Yeah, he’s that Representative Whitmire, and he’s just won the oh-so-coveted jackass of the week award. If he keeps this up, he might get an honorary lifetime douche achievement award to top it off with.

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