Bad legislation followup: crossover casualties edition

So there’s this kind of weird legislative thing in NC: non-budgetary bills that don’t pass either body by the “crossover” date end up in limbo. Technically such bills cannot be acted upon again until the next session (nearly two years out), but if you really want to pass legislation after crossover, good news, cause there’s a loophole for that. Although failing to make crossover isn’t necessarily the end of the line, it’s a good signal that the bill as written just doesn’t have enough support, so if a lawmaker wants to resuscitate such a bill he’ll probably need to do some wheeling and dealing.

(Thanks, by the way, for not teaching me any of this, schoolhouse rock)

Anyway, WRAL has a great rundown on the “crossover casualties” and I urge you to read it, because a lot of the super crazy stuff you’ve heard about may well be on the list. Deaths of particular interest to me are:

The end of crossover week should signify a substantial reduction in the crazy news coming out of Raleigh, which I am thankful for both because I’d rather the legislature not actually do crazy things as a matter of principle, but also because I’m having trouble even keeping up with everything that’s going on.

The big battles ahead are mostly going to involve money; how schools are funded, how roads are funded, tax code “reform,” etc. Hang tight.

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