Construction on West Main St. bridge (near Duke) falls behind schedule

Duke Today reports that the scheduled demolition of the bridge near East Campus is already delayed. Initially scheduled for demo to begin next week and be completed by mid June, now demolition is expected to start on June 3 and the scheduled completion date is pushed back a week to June 21. This is most relevant to people using Duke’s bus systems, as it skews all of the dates for route changes they’ve published on their site; specifically, this schedule’s dates are now off by a week.

Main St. itself is already closed for the construction project, which is supposed to be completed by late September.

In the current phase of the project, Campus Drive is remaining open to traffic (but man, you probably don’t want to drive on it due to Duke’s other construction projects) as workers prepare for the bridge demo. When the bridge itself actually comes down, Campus Drive will be closed as well, and buses will use alternate routes including Maxwell St.

No word yet on whether this delay is expected to cause the project to miss its initially scheduled completion deadline.

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