Tensions build among GOP leadership in Raleigh

Without any appreciable Democratic opposition to keep them busy, some GOP leaders have decided to start opposing each other.

Robert Brawley was apparently forced out of his spot as chair of the House finance committee after questioning legislation which gave preference to certain businesses friendly to GOP lawmakers. Brawley actually openly accused House Speaker Thom Tillis of cronyism:

“You slamming my office door shut, standing in front of me and stating that you have a business relationship with Time Warner,” Brawley wrote. “MI Connections is being operated just as any other free enterprise system and should be allowed to do so without the restrictions placed on them by the proponents of Time Warner.”

Brawley’s entire “resignation letter” is online and it’s well worth checking out. Reading between the lines, it looks to me like Brawley had been given certain assurances that the Speaker reneged on; I’m sure the accusations of cronyism are true, but I wonder if that’s the real origin of the dispute here.

Even though Brawley technically “resigned,” he subsequently sent an email which makes the situation pretty clear:

During a discussion of our differences, he said he wanted me to return my gavel and no longer serve as a chair of finance. I accepted and as he requested gave him a letter I had been working on to discuss with him privately but he wanted it read into the journal.

Keep an eye on this one, because it’s difficult to imagine that Brawley’s going to be the only guy riding the boat when all is said and done.

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