Amendment to force 751 South annexation appears in the House

The developers of 751 South have once again turned to their pals in Raleigh, who have amended SB315 to force Durham to annex the controversial development. The project (previously discussed here and here) had its request for annexation rejected by the city council two weeks ago, despite the looming threat of GOP legislative intervention on the developers’ behalf.

Well, unsurprisingly, we just got Ashevilled:

SECTION 2.  Effective June 3, 2023, the corporate limits of the City of Durham are extended by adding the following described property:




Even though the actual annexation date is ten years out, this bill would effectively force Durham to provide services to the development as it moves forward.

The city hasn’t made any kind of response as of yet, but it’s unlikely there’s much to be done to obstruct the legislation – remember, a similar bill nearly passed under Bev last year, and it should have minimal resistance going forward this time around.

As I understand it, there are conceivably some legal avenues to explore to challenge this bill once it does become law, but IANAL and I couldn’t possibly comment.

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