Forced annexation of 751 South on Monday’s agenda

HB 315 (previously mentioned here) spent this week getting kicked around committee, and it’s actually attracted some scrutiny from at least one powerful lawmaker.

The main proponent of the legislation is one Tim Moore, who is identified as a “friend” of the 751 South developers’ attorneys. Well, no shit sherlock – I would expect he’s also a friend with “benefits” (perhaps in the form of campaign contributions, eh?) of various interested parties. Moore is the chair of the Rules committee in the house, so he’s not just some random toolbox.

The scrutiny of the bill is coming from a surprising source, in fellow Republican (and finance chair) Julia Howard:

Howard said the bill represented a case of “upside-down annexation.”

“I can’t tell you what’s wrong with this bill,” Howard said. “If it smells funny, it’s funny. The bill should stay in Finance.”

Howard successfully grabbed the bill from Rules and moved it to Finance when it came to a vote on the floor, and we’ll see what Finance thinks of it during Monday’s hearing. I guess Finance beats Rules, sucka.

I have no idea what the hell these people are really up to here, because this just smacks of procedural bullshit rather than any real policy concern. The legislation is a total dick move and a huge conflict of interests, but neither of those facts would typically give this legislature pause, and I’d expect this to just be a speed bump at best.

Stay tuned, though…

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