751 South annexation bill discussed in Finance

The bill which would force Durham to annex the controversial development site near Jordan Lake was discussed in the Finance committee on Monday, and the result is basically… no result.

SB315, which was ironically sponsored by former council member Mike Woodard, now bears little resemblance to what the Senate initially passed after an eventful ride through the House. Monday’s hearing did little to clarify the future of the bill, which appears to be on less than certain footing after some procedural shuffling (discussed here).

In Monday’s “Wrap” segment, WRAL reporters Leslie and Binker seem to be a bit skeptical of the bill’s prospects to make it through prior to the end of this session (at 3m:29s). Should the House fail to pass this bill before the session’s end, it will end up in limbo until 2014’s “short session” (barring shenanigans, of course).

It’s interesting to watch this unfold, and it’s clearly been overshadowed by headline grabbing “mega landfills,” abortion education mandates, and budget negotiations – you kind of get a sense that the legislature’s got enough on its plate and they just don’t want to deal with this right now. The fact that Charlotte’s airport takeover bill seems to have been shelved could be a promising sign, because it’s a similar sort of Big Government initiative which seems to have just lost steam.

The measure was originally slated for a vote from Finance on Tuesday, but that didn’t happen, and I haven’t heard anything about its progress yet today (Wednesday).

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