BringMeThat brings Durham… that?

As long as “that” is restaurant food, I guess?

I spotted an article in the Chronicle about the service, which sounds like a competitor to Durham Take-Out in the restaurant delivery middle-man sector. We use Durham Take-Out a bit (when getting in the car and driving to pick up food ourselves just seems like an insurmountable effort), and although they get the job done some competition in this space is definitely welcome.

What immediately catches my attention on Bring Me That is the list of 80 Durham restaurants, which is much bigger than Durham Take-Out’s selection. Looking through the list though, there are a lot of “catering only” restaurants, fast food joints, restaurants that already deliver themselves, and options with very large minimum orders – so maybe not as useful as it seems on first blush.

Apparently the difference here is that Durham Take-Out actually works with restaurants to create a curated menu system. My understanding of Bring Me That is that it’s all automated – they just slurp up menus automatically (how? a lot of these restaurants have inaccurate or incomplete menu data online):

“A lot of places partner [with restaurants] one by one,” he said. “What is unique about us is…we have written algorithms… so we don’t have to email all restaurants individually. [We’re] kind of like an aggregator of menus. We’ll be able to get a lot of restaurants that way.”

Anybody fancy giving it a try and reporting back?

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