Goodbye Harris Teeter, hello… more Kroger

I sure hope you like getting your groceries from a mediocre national chain, cause Harris Teeter is being bought by Kroger.

As of right now it sounds like they intend to retain the Harris Teeter brand, but it’s unclear as to to what extent and for how long HT will retain its “identity” – I’d expect HT’s product selection and corporate culture to slowly align with Kroger’s. Spokesmen for Kroger state that they don’t intend to close any stores (which is stupid, if true – there’s a lot of overlap where they’d be competing with themselves).

No word yet on what (if anything) this means for partially completed HT expansion projects (like the one on 9th Street in the old location of George’s Garage).

On the bright side, now that we won’t have a strong regional competitor, perhaps outfits like Publix and Trader Joe’s will seize the opportunity to fill the void and expand their presences in the Triangle.

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