Durham Planning Commission unanimously endorses Self-Help / DCM project

The Self-Help redevelopment project going by the name of “Kent Corner” (previously covered here, et al) which would bring the Durham Central Market co-op grocery store to the commercial strip on West Chapel Hill St. received a unanimous recommendation from the Planning Commission last night.

Surprisingly, even some of the vocal critics seem to have stepped aside. Self-Help is presently outbidding previous jackass of the week award winner David Anthony for the unused city parking lot next to the site:

General Services Director Joel Reitzer said the credit union had submitted the higher bid as of this week.

Even more surprisingly, the organization known as the Kent Corner Task Force / KCTF seems to be on board now; these people were putting up anti-Self-Help fliers as recently as a few weeks ago:

But another critic of project, Larissa Oryshkevich, told commission members that she and other members of an ad-hoc citizens group called the Kent Corner Task Force are now supporting Self-Help’s zoning request.

Steve Medlin expects a vote on the rezoning request by the Council in August or September, and at this point it’s difficult for me to imagine the Council won’t approve the project.

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