Stop! Hammer time

There’s an old saying: never bring a knife to a gun fight. But what about a hammer?

In two separate incidents over the past 24 hours, two victims were approached by suspects wielding a hammer a few blocks from Duke West Campus, according to Durham police….

The Durham Police Department is investigating if the incidents are related, which is unknown at this time.

Now, I know the DPD needs to be careful about making any kind of statements of certainty when talking to the media here, but… investigating if the incidents are related? I’m no Columbo or anything, but I can’t imagine there are roving bands of carpenter criminals scouring Durham.

Perhaps it’s a sign of how tough the economy is, when even criminals are forced to do without proper weapons.

Still, a hammer can be really dangerous, and if somebody tries to rob you with a hammer you pretty much already know he’s desperate and unpredictable from the get-go. Be safe out there, people.

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