751 South forced annexation bill delayed… and delayed… and delayed…

Well, if you’ve been anxiously waiting to learn the fate of the 751 South forced annexation bill (and who hasn’t?), this has been a rough week for you. Originally scheduled for a Senate vote on July 10th, the bill has now been pushed back four times (as the Senate gets on with more important matters, such as the tax overhaul) and is presently scheduled for a vote tomorrow, July 17.

(Details on the 751 South saga can be found under the 751 South category)

The Herald-Sun posted an article about one of the earlier delays, which included the following from Durham senator Floyd McKissick:

“It’s not unusual this time of year where one chamber will set back or release some bills the other is concerned about, before they all end up on the calendar together,” he said. “It’s traditional horse trading.”

What are they trading? Who knows, but I’d expect this one to get done sooner or later, since removing local autonomy is what all the cool kids are doing in Raleigh these days. For example, the bill which will strip Charlotte’s control of its airport and hand it over to Raleigh-appointed bureaucrats just passed the House.

EDIT July 17:

Hey, guess what? Hope you weren’t expecting this to happen today either, as the vote was delayed for the fifth time. It’s now scheduled for tomorrow (July 18).

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