751 South forced annexation clears first vote in the Senate

There actually are two surprises about this outcome: one, that it took so long (I lost count at six delays before it finally got to a vote).

And two? A big supporter of the bill is none other than one of Durham’s own Senators, Floyd McKissick:

But Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham, backed the proposal, saying the developer has promised to abide by existing pollution regulations. Durham also would benefit from the economic development, he said.

McKissick is a Democrat (which is redundant, since I already told you he’s from Durham) who agrees with his GOP pals that Durham is best governed by a central bureaucracy rather than by its locally elected officials. I wonder, does he also have “friends” involved in the development project (as chief sponsor in the House Tim Moore does)?

Prior to a rewrite in the House, this bill was originally a completely different piece of legislation sponsored by Mike Woodard, who is now ironically among the few to speak out against it:

“Isn’t this what we have city councils for?” Woodard asked. “If you want to become the planning office or zoning commission for the whole state of North Carolina, vote for this bill.”

Expect the bill to pass its second, and final, Senate vote on Friday before it moves to McCrory for final approval.

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