Possum drop legal bill dropped on the state

Hey, do you remember the possum drop saga, in which McCrory kicked off his legislative agenda by allowing permits for everybody’s favorite hillbilly passtime?

It’s amazingly back in the news, as WRAL reports that PETA has won its bid to have the Wildlife Resource Commission pay its attorney fees:

“This decision backs up PETA’s position that the Wildlife Resources Commission issued the permit for this crude and cruel activity illegally in the first place,” PETA general counsel Jeffrey Kerr said in a statement. “The WRC compounded its unlawful conduct by filing a baseless appeal and sticking taxpayers with the bill.”

This ruling dates back to the original court case, which PETA won, but since McCrory later signed the possum drop legalization bill into law that victory has no bearing on the current or future legality of dropping possums.

So yeah, possum drops? We still cool.

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