Record rainfall results in road repair rescheduling

You like that alliteration? Pretty good right?

Yeah, I guess I won’t quit my day job.

The ATT isn’t the only construction project to be derailed by this summer’s rain, as several road construction projects around Duke are slipping as well:

  • The West Main St. bridge replacement is now scheduled for completion in October (though honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised by additional delays). The DOT plans to temporarily allow access to campus via Main St. for move-in week (which is this week), but the road will remain closed to through traffic. This does however mark the re-opening of Campus Drive under the bridge (though temporary closures will occur, mostly at night).
  • Various Campus Drive projects (Unnamed Stream repair, resurfacing, chilled water pipe replacement, bike lane addition, sidewalk replacement) won’t be done before move-in date. Duke’s going to halt these projects temporarily, so construction won’t interfere with traffic through the fall semester, and we can expect them to be completed when the students are out of town next summer. I do certainly dig the real bike lanes they’re adding here, which I scoped out over the weekend; this is what the road now looks like at the completed segment by the arts annex (no handicap curb cuts though? Hope they’ve got that in the works):

    Completed segment of campus drive
    Completed segment of campus drive
  • Duke University Road is still a mess due to gas line maintenance. PSNC energy is running this project, and they plan to pause construction during move-in week and sporting events. Once Duke University is complete (scheduled Sep 1), they intend to move on to Cameron, so if you’re trying to get to 15-501 on this route you’re still going to be SOL for a while.

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