Veto override session scheduled for Sept 3; 751 South bill and others still await action

According to WRAL, McCrory has called the veto override session for Sept 3, so go ahead and mark your calendars. In NC, when the governor issues a veto, he must call the legislature back for a chance to override it (or, if he fails to do that for some reason, his veto is automatically overridden (which strikes me as a pretty stupid thing for a governor to do)).

Although both of the vetoed bills originally passed by large margins, and although the bluster from the legislature is that the override is a done deal, this could still get very interesting. Has this all been planned so that McCrory could score some cred by vetoing bills that he knew would be overridden later? Or are we looking at some real disagreement within the ranks of the GOP (this would not be the first time)? If McCrory’s the stooge here, he’s sure putting up a good show.

Assuming McCrory’s vetoes were legitimate, this would be an ideal time for some legislators to score some points by standing by the gov. He’s already proven that he’s a good person to be friends with, after all.

Oh, and you remember that 751 South forced annexation bill (S315, vaguely entitled “Municipal Services”)? Yeah, still waiting for approval, along with 34 other bills (including such favs as the Sharia Law bill). If McCrory doesn’t sign or veto these bills by Sunday, they become law automatically without his signature (which in the case of S315 at least seems like a good bet).

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