In wake of recent crimes, Duke considers restricting access to West Campus

After a spate of armed robberies, the latest of which occurred outside of Perkins Library Sunday night, Duke is considering some changes to its security policies.

Probably the biggest potential change is, as the H-S notes, the elimination of after hours access to roads on West Campus. Roads such as “Towerview Drive” [sic. – I’m pretty sure it’s actually Towerview Road – Ed.] would be barricaded at night “to limit cut-throughs.”

The Chronicle’s story has more information about the potential closure:

Cavanaugh also noted that conducting road closures are also under consideration. He said that Towerview Road in particular is an area of concern and could potentially be closed at either entrance—at Duke University Road or Erwin Road—to decrease excessive drive-through traffic. A decision has not yet been made on the matter, he said.

[see, I told you it was Towerview Road – Ed.]

Also according to The Chronicle, Duke’s Central Campus improvement project (previously mentioned on this blog) included some lighting and lock upgrades which the campus cops hope should serve to make the area more secure.

I will point out that this is not the first time Duke has talked about shutting down through traffic in response to crime, and I’m not sure how likely that particular outcome really is. If the past is any indication, such measures are easily forgotten once the immediate threats are resolved, and the Duke Police / DPD have a pretty impressive record when it comes to this sort of crime on campus.

Indeed, the popo has already nabbed the Duke Gardens duo and I’d expect the genius who thought it was a good idea to stick up duke students at the damn library on Duke campus isn’t likely to evade capture for long either. Protip for thugs: you might want to not hold up people smack in the middle of Duke’s property, which is by and large monitored by video cameras, if you like the idea of actually getting away with the crime.

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