Protest petition revealed as source of DCM / Self-Help rezoning delay sheds some light on why the Kent Corner rezoning request was pulled from last week’s council agenda:

But there does remain a protest petition.

That means Self-Help has to get a 75 percent “supermajority” vote by the City Council next week to approve a zoning change it needs for Kent Corner, an office-retail project for the corner of West Chapel Hill and Kent streets..

What the heck? Who would do such a thing?

“I’ve had that petition in for the longest time along with some of my neighbors,” said David Anthony, who filed the petition with five other owners of property adjoining Self-Help’s site.

Hmm… David Anthony… now wait, why does that sound so familiar? Oh, I know, this is the same David Anthony who tried to upset bidding on the vacant parking lot on WCH St. in an earlier attempt to derail the project. Yeah, the guy who wants a store front church museum or something instead.

That guy.

So, Anthony’s protest petition (on which he managed to find a staggering five other property owners to join in) means that the council must now approve the site with a 75% majority, which… well, they actually mightn’t have had last week:

It was originally scheduled for a council vote at the Aug. 19 meeting. Then Councilman Eugene Brown announced he would miss that meeting and Councilwoman Diane Catotti realized there could be a problem: too few council members to make a supermajority.

Moffitt is obviously recusing himself from the vote, since he’s on the board of DCM, so even though the entire council is apparently in support of the project they need a good turnout to register the supermajority.

So, David Anthony, for your further obstructionism you’re receiving an unprecedented second nod as Jackass of the week. Hopefully the council will approve this project next Tuesday, and we can finally put your annoying run as NIMBY celebrity behind us.

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