Live-ish blog of City Council meeting

I rode over to city hall to watch things unfold tonight. So, I’ll let you know if anything interesting happens.

* well, that was cool. Apparently enough people on Anthony’s protest petition re Kent Corner backed out. The petition is no longer valid and the rezoning now only requires a simple majority.

* agenda item 21, the development plan change, is up now. No comments from the council. Barry Yeoman speaks in favor. Passes 6 to 0 Clement absent and Moffitt recused.

* 22 is up, the zoning request. Cole-Mcfadden calls it a “great project.” Brown concurs in a few more words. Several citizens are going to speak mostly in favor.

At this point I can’t keep up with all the names. Sorry citizens!

* Self-Help rep speaks first. David Anthony gets his no dumpster zone.

* Dr. Johnson from qol speaks in favor of the project

* former opponent group kctf’s rep speaks up in favor. Wow.

* downtown Durham Inc speaks in favor

* Cookery entrepreneur Nick Johnson speaks up in support.

* Frank Stasio represents the DCM board with that sweet radio voice. I could listen to you read the phone book, Frank.

* Selena Mack, ed of the Durham Land Trust, indicates the land trust’s endorsement.

* former jackass of the week winner time, David Anthony. Who actually seems to be withdrawing his opposition? Or at least has really toned it down. Well, that’s a surprise.

* another citizen gives lukewarm support. Hey, this is the opponent section!

* next citizen is for real. He seems to be concerned about the loss of the shady community center that went under before SH’s involvement. That ship’s already sailed buddy.

* Cole-Mcfadden asks what this is about. Self-Help put on the spot. She’s asking about space dedicated for this purpose. There’s not.

* QOL talks about resources at Lyon Park. Cole-Mcfadden seems mostly satisfied.

* Schewel heaps glowing praise on the project.

* Bell quips that Anthony’s bidding obstruction earned the city some extra money for the parking lot.

* passes 5 to 0! And I’m out.

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