Duke University named seventh best college in U.S. News & World Report rankings

If you care anything about Durham, it’s likely that you’ve heard of our very own little Gothic Wonderland: Duke University. Duke is not only one of the south’s most prestigious schools, but it’s also Durham’s largest employer, and if you’re a fan of health care it’s highly likely that you’ve at some point utilized one of their facilities.

I point this out to give some context: Duke’s a big deal for Durham. We can look to both downtown and RTP as success stories, but more than any other single entity, Duke is a lynchpin in the city’s success, and is generally a positive force in the community (even though the relationship can be somewhat… rocky at times).

So I don’t care what hoopy-ball team you’re into, or which color jersey you wear; the fact that Duke is tied with MIT in the college ratings is good news for us all.

Well, unless you were hoping to actually go to Duke. I’m guessing getting in just got even harder. Maybe you should try for that safety school over in Chapel Hill instead?

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