Breaking: police confronting armed man near Parrish and Market St.

I saw on a neighborhood mailing list that some areas of downtown have been closed off as the DPD brings in negotiators to deal with an armed suspect. You might want to avoid downtown until you get the all clear.

WRAL has an image but doesn’t add much context.

Edit: WRAL now says that police shot the man to end the standoff. He appeared to be alive and left in an ambulance. No reports of any other injuries.

Editedit: the h-s has more. The man, who was apparently mentally unstable, pointed his weapon at an officer, which prompted a DPD officer to shoot him. The suspect was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Editeditetid: WRAL has more information, including the name of the man. It sounds like a case of suicide by cop. Tragic.

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