ATT bridge completion delayed yet again, ribbon cutting to go forward

Yeah, you know that ATT bridge? That was supposed to be done this summer?

Not so much on that.

The original delays were blamed on inclement weather, as Durham faced an extremely wet spring which made construction problematic. The most recent scheduled completion date had been pegged at October 12, but guess what:

A last-minute construction snag will delay the opening to pedestrians of the American Tobacco Trail’s bridge over Interstate 40, in a worst-case scenario until sometime in December.

At this point I’m sure not holding my breath on seeing this thing open before the end of the year. This time they’re blaming straight up incompetence, as fencing was installed improperly and needs to be redone. The contractors are on the hook for the cost in this case, running up a tab of “$100,000 to $200,000” for repairs.

The great part, though, is that the ceremony is still going forward on the 12th:

Officials nonetheless intend to go through with a scheduled Oct. 12 ribbon-cutting ceremony, as the trail expansion will otherwise be complete.

Never let the fact that the project is months overdue, massively overbudget, and still incomplete get in the way of patting yourselves on the back, you guys! Good work!

3 thoughts on “ATT bridge completion delayed yet again, ribbon cutting to go forward”

  1. Was there any coverage of this? It was a gray, rainy day… the paths on both sides of the bridge are still dirt from what I can see… so it was probably muddy. Where did people stand? What was the ceremony like? I can’t imagine.

    1. A good question! I think the plan was to conduct the ceremony at a part of the trail that was actually completed this past year, but I’ve not seen coverage of it. Perhaps with the bridge incomplete and the weather bad the media took a pass on covering the ceremony.

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