Slate set for Durham municipal general election

The Chronicle reports (I know right! It’s probably in the H-S somewhere, but I checked the Chronicle first) the results of yesterday’s primaries.

In a shocking turn of events, Bell bested his nearest competitor, Sylvester Williams, by only 80 percentage points. The two will duke it out in the general election, and if Williams manages to capture all the votes that went to Valentine in the primary, he’ll only be trailing Bell by like 74 percentage points. So um, I guess he’s got a little bit of work to do.

But here’s the real story: Eddie Davis (not Bette Davis, and YOU CANNOT HAVE HIS EYES) smacked around his competitors handily, besting Beasley by 38 points. This seems to speak to the strength of the People’s Alliance’s endorsement of Davis, as that’s a hefty margin despite the fact that both the Committee and the Friends have pegged Beasley. We’ll have to see if that trend holds true when the two face off in the general election.

So, the stage is set! And here’s a reminder of the endorsements as they stand presently:

Group Mayor Ward 1 Ward 2 Ward 3
Durham People’s Alliance Bell Cole-McFadden Davis Moffitt
Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People Bell Cole-McFadden Beasley Karriker
Friends of Durham Bell Cole-McFadden Beasley Karriker
Indy Week Bell Davis

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