Local Kickstarter odds and ends

I hope to make a more concerted effort to stay on top of the various Kickstarter projects around town. I can’t specifically call out every project that’s created, but I’ll try to mention the ones that have some kind of specific local relevance (or that I think are especially cool).

First up, actively funding projects:

  • KoKyu BBQ is hoping to open a retail location. They’ve got a long way to go and only one week remains; edible rewards start at $20
    • Funding goal: $46,000
    • Current progress: $11,118
    • Funding ends: Nov 1
  • Duke Rhythm and Blue, a Duke a cappella group, is making an album. They’ve met their target already, but it’s not too late to contribute before the window closes tomorrow: $25 gets you a copy of the new album.
    • Funding goal: $5,000
    • Current progress: $5,202
    • Funding ends: Oct 25

Updates on funded projects:


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