Official election winners: Bell, Moffitt, Davis, Cole-McFadden

The results are official now, and several outlets are reporting:


  • Davis 65.1% over Beasley 34.7%
  • Bell 86.5% over Williams 13.1%
  • Moffit 56.6% over Karriker 43.2%
  • Cole-Mcfadden 98.3%


  • Beasley and Karriker both received financial support from a Realtor-related superPAC, but lost anyway
  • The Durham People’s Alliance endorsements carried the day.
  • The Committee and Friends struck out in the contested races. They wisely backed Bell and Cole-McFadden (who were obviously going to win anyway).
  • The Friends are the closest things to “conservatives” in the local Durham political scene; the very low Republican turnout probably didn’t do any favors for their picks of Karriker and Beasley.
  • I found the relatively tight race between Moffitt and Karriker somewhat surprising. Moffitt’s “incumbent” status was perhaps less beneficial since he had been appointed to the council to fill Woodard’s empty seat rather than elected.
  • Davis represents the potential disruption in the balance of power here. In recent years Clement had been mostly inactive, often only attending when Bell needed an extra vote. Davis will presumably be more engaged, and Bell may not be able to count on having that extra vote now.

Eddie Davis Eyes:

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