Eric Becoats resigns; DPD uses tear gas at Huerta vigil

Both of these stories are developing, and WRAL has the skinny, first on the Huerta “vigil”:

Although the assembly was billed as a peaceful event, Durham police massed with tear gas masks on their hips outside the HQ before Huerta supporters arrived.

… After about 90 minutes Thursday, police moved to disperse the crowd that had formed, setting off smoke grenades.

So the DPD came expecting trouble, and it looks like they got it.

EDIT: they were apparently using tear gas to disperse the crowd, arresting people who would not leave DPDHQ. And check out this photo from WRAL; the sign the protesters carried reads “JESUS HUERTA MURDERED BY POLICE”:

EDIT MORE: check out WTVD’s frightening images of the riot police surrounded by teargas:

I’m um, no PR expert or anything, but this doesn’t exactly seem to help the DPD’s image. You guys, this isn’t good at all.

EDIT: according to the Indy, Lopez is giving a press conference this morning at 10:30 to respond to the incident.

As for Becoats, you’re not surprised, are you? As of right now the only confirmation I can see is a banner at the top of WRAL’s web site. I’ll update with a real link when I have more deets.

Breaking News:  Eric Becoats announced his resignation Thursday night from the leadership position in the Durham Public Schools.

EDIT: Becoats linkage. I have to hand it to Eric – he sure picked a good time to slip out the back door, cause his resignation story is sure as hell going to be buried under headlines of the DPD running around in riot gear making downtown look like a war zone.

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