Possum Drop it like it’s hot! For realz this time!

Well, it’s the last day of 2013, and there’s only one way to ring in the new year: dropping a possum!

A Superior Court judge will allow Brasstown’s annual Possum Drop to go ahead despite opposition from animal rights activists.

You may recall that in one of his first acts as governor McCrory signed a bill into law that allowed the return of the Possum Drop, and in one of my first posts as blogger I wrote up an extensive retelling of the saga, which you might (or might not) find amusing. This ruling marks the end of the legal shenanigans from the likes of PETA , and so the beloved hillbilly tradition is back in earnest.

I hope you guys had a good 2013! I thought it was pretty sweet. See ya next year.

1 thought on “Possum Drop it like it’s hot! For realz this time!”

  1. Yep, yet another cruel tradition (though supposedly ‘sannitized’) for the thrill of a drunken crowd. Why not set up some entertaining food game obstacles (for crowd & possum) instead?

    I guess the nay-sayers will all be saying these human morons are acting like animals, but then again since we are all actually animals ourselves; why aren’t they quoting the bible with its line about treating your brother as if you’d treat yourself?

    NO I’M NOT A CHRISTIAN, I’M NO PETA MEMBER & NO I’M NOT A VEGETARIAN (not that any of that is relevent).

    governor McCrory I hope some sadist like you dangles you in a clear box at a height for someone elses enjoyoment.

    twenty first century or middle ages?

    governor McCrory WTF???

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