Groundbreaking on Kent Corner slated for January 6; additional tenant announced

After the conclusion of a long approval process, Self-Help has been moving forward aggressively in its development efforts on the corner of West Chapel Hill and Kent. Demolition seems to be nearly complete, and Durham Central Market (the earliest and most visible tenant) has given word that the official groundbreaking will be held next Monday:

Our dream is taking shape. It’s so exciting to see that work is underway on our long-awaited Durham Central Market. And while the earthmovers are already rolling, the official groundbreaking is scheduled for January 6th. We’d love to see you there. It should be a fun event. It’s a great way to mark this important milestone.

While DCM’s 10,000 square foot retail facility is important to the project, Self-Help is also building out office space on the site. For the first time (that I’ve seen) the Herald-Sun has confirmed a tenant:

The Center for Child and Family Health, which is now in the N.C. Mutual Life headquarters building on West Chapel Hill Street, will occupy the majority of the 33,000-square-foot office building facing Kent Street.

The CCFH is a logical fit, as Self-Help often partners with nonprofits, and Duke University has strong ties to both the CCFH and Self-Help. While the H-S doesn’t note exactly how much of the office space is to be dedicated to the Center, they state it’s a “majority,” and combined with DCM they should be strong anchors for the development.

The groundbreaking will include reps from all the major players: Bell from the city, Frank Stasio of DCM, Tucker Bartlett of Self-Help, Phail Wynn of Duke, and Robert Murphy from the CCFH.

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