DPD releases report detailing the death of Jesus Huerta

The bottom line is that, according to the DPD, Huerta shot himself with his own weapon, a .45, which the officer involved somehow failed to confiscate from him. I’ve yet to read the whole 19 page PDF document, so I’ll just crib from the summary at TheDurhamNewsDotCom:

Duncan took Huerta into custody on an outstanding trespassing warrant Nov. 19. He did a “cursory search,” patting down the Riverside High School student’s pants and sweeping his waist area, but did not find the .45 caliber weapon that police said fired a single fatal bullet to Huerta’s head. The gun was traced to a Georgia pawn shop.

Police are now investigating three possible violations of department policy, including the transporting and handling of a prisoners. They stressed that the department’s investigation is ongoing. The State Bureau of Investigation is also investigating the fatal shooting.

Chief Lopez was not present at the press conference.

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