PIZZA NEWS: Cookery to host more “Toro Dreams of” events, Pompieri opens

First up, Pizzeria Toro!

Here’s the bad news: they’re still out of commission while work on the kitchen continues. The owners originally hoped to be open “by the new year,” but that obviously didn’t happen; there’s no official estimate as of now, and they’re planning to do more Cookery charity events over the next few weeks, so I imagine we’re at least a month away.

Now the good news: “Toro Dreams of Pho” is next in Toro’s “Dreams of” series of pop-up restaurants, and it’s presently scheduled for February 3. I managed to hit up the most recent event, “Toro Dreams of Billy,” and it was a ton of fun. The Cookery is one hell of a venue, and I really recommend you swing by one of these while you can. This week featured BBQ by Billy Cotter (who, along with his wife Kelli, owns Toast), and it was pretty killer. Aside: the Cotter power couple is teaming up with Cookery owners Nick and Rochelle Hawthorne-Johnson on the Dashi ramen house, which appears to be coming in 2014.

In other PIZZA NEWS: did you hear about Pompieri?

Pompieri Pizza is the new venture by Bull City Burger and Brewery‘s Seth Gross, located in the historic Fire Station No. 1 building near Dos Perros. I haven’t managed to check it out yet, but Carpe Durham is (as usual) first on the scene, and it sounds promising. I already dig BCBB, so I’m excited to try its pie-slinging sibling, and more downtown pizza options are always welcome (especially while Toro is out of commission).

One sadness: it looks like no delivery, and no call-ahead takeout. Lilly’s and Pop’s are great and all, but I wouldn’t mind more options for when I’m too lazy to leave the house.

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