March on the DPDHQ is planned for Jan 19 after all

Despite initial signs to the contrary, according to this facebook post (added yesterday) it looks like another march on DPDHQ is being planned for this Sunday (prior to the church sanctioned event at Immaculate Conception):

Join us January 19th for a peaceful march that will mark 2 months since the death of our beloved brother, son, and friend: Jesús “Chuy” Huerta.

Chuy’s death has become a nationwide issue because of the demonstrations that have taken place. Please come and join those who have been in the streets from the beginning and let’s make this call for justice even stronger.

The march is scheduled to begin at 17:30, and the intent is to march from DPDHQ to Immaculate Conception for the vigil afterward.

Thanks to a commenter for bringing this to my attention.


The H-S now has an article up. Unsurprisingly the vigil’s organizers aren’t too keen on the whole march thing.


The Facebook post has been updated. The protest will begin at the Catholic church, march on DPDHQ, then return to the church.

The march will start at the Immaculata Conception Catholic Church. We will all meet in the parking lot and leave from there and then return for the vigil. Please make sure to park on the side streets close to the church because there won’t be a lot of parking at the church.


Another great article in the HS; this one looks a bit into the march organizer (Rafael Estrada), notes that the Church is distancing itself from the march, and perhaps most interestingly notes that the family itself appears to be split on whether to attend the march.

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