No major confrontation at tonight’s march

I’ll post more tomorrow, but the long and short of it is that (as far as I observed) there was some damage of DPD cruisers and a massive police presence downtown, but it seemed like the cops kept to the sidelines, the protesters didn’t do anything to incite them beyond the vandalism, and there was no direct confrontation.

I’ll count that as a positive outcome. Good work from the DPD in not being provoked by the petty crime, but in being prepared to act if really needed.

I tweeted a bit during the event, but I kept my distance and didn’t see everything. Accuracy of my comments tonight is definitely not guaranteed.

I did encounter one dude with a hammer at the church. He asked where the cops were – so he could “keep an eye on them.” I told him they were at DPDHQ.


WRAL is reporting that some of the cruiser-vandalizers were arrested.

Below are some pictures I took. The crowd actually grew as it went; I saw some tweens on skateboards rushing to join in as they marched along Main (“fuck yeah, there they are” are the exact words they used, I believe).

The chant I heard from the crowd went something like: “no justice, no peace, fuck the police.”

I tooled around on my bike. I honestly think people thought I was a cop for a good bit of the time, since they were dressed exactly as I was, so I kept way far away for the most part. I didn’t see the damage to cruisers personally. Most of my pictures were blurry since my hands were shaking – I was honestly a bit scared of this thing, despite being on my sweet fixie and ready to scram at a moment’s notice.

P1020859 P1020863 P1020869 P1020871

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