WRAL: I read the comments so you don’t have to

It’s time once again for some comments from our good friends over at WRAL dot com! If you’d like to preserve your faith in humanity, I’d suggest that you just skip this one.

OK, are you ready to be depressed? READ ON!

Up first, here’s a downright baffling comment on the story about Rise accepting BTC [ED: both spellings of “donut” are actually acceptable, lest you be confused]:

mafiamic: It is DONUTS not doughnuts….Pretty soon you’ll be paying with your picture,show a copy of your drivers license online on a site then get your goods and pay later. And not the one from 20 years ago when you were a supermodel wannabe before your 20 kids changed you either.

I… um… what? (on the Duke porn star article):

notexactly: Um like bill getting a lawinsky in the white house , then lying about it, then having his wife lie about it and try to ruin ml life. (well until the blue dress came out) Both her and bill were wrong to lie. Hilary was wrong to try to slander ml alone. Both were wrong, but you will vote for Hilary just the same cause dems can do stuff like that and you are good with it, Makes no difference if this girl is a dem ore rep. her business. But when a prez lies to the American people it is wrong and sad. You know like O did also. Wow take off your one way glasses.

On the wonderfully titled article “One hour, three gunshot victims in Durham“:

ThomasL: Don’t travel to Durham so let em kill each other off,just another day in the worst town in NC,who else has daily shooting?

Check out this sick burn from an article about a guy who shot his baby:

Itsmyopinion67: Note to local news channels — It’s NOT breaking news when someone is shot in Durham. It’s breaking news when someone is NOT shot in Durham.

Astoundingly, these guys even showed up on an article about the expansion of the NC Museum of Life & Sciences:

03arabian2: That is nothing at all what all of Durham is now is it? Its a cesspool of crime and shootings, murders and robberies. Why would anyone want to take their family to play in the middle of it?

And last but not least, it wouldn’t be WIRTCSYDHT if I didn’t include at least one racist:

MadMaxx: welcome to Durham, Crime Capital of NC. More crimes committed by blacks on blacks, but has a problem of profiling since most of the crime is black. Facts just make liberal news groups so mad.

That’s it for this episode folks!

Oh, a program note: I’m pretty busy again, so posts may be a bit less frequent for the next week.


James Beard Award semi-finalists announced, Durham well represented

The South’s “tastiest town” has a solid showing this year, with four James Beard nominees in the running:

  1. Giorgios Bakatsias is up for “Outstanding Restauranteur.” Bakatsias may be best known for a restaurant that no longer exists (former Ninth St. landmark George’s Garage), but he’s built an empire of well regarded eateries including Durham’s Parizade, the Nasher cafe, Vin Rouge, and Local 22. He also owns several restaurants elsewhere in NC, and has hinted that something new is in the works.
  2. Phoebe Lawless of Scratch is competing for Outstanding Pastry Chef.
  3. Scott Howell of Nana‘s is up for Best Chef in the Southeast.
  4. Matt Kelly of Vin Rouge (a Bakatsias restaurant as mentioned above) and Mateo [ed: my personal favorite place to eat in Durham right now] is also up for Best Chef in the Southeast.

Winners will be announced March 19 – good luck folks!

The ATT bike/ped bridge over I-40 is finally open

A note from councilman Don Moffitt to the bike and ped mailing list

Marvin Williams just announced that the bridge is now officially open.

Don Moffitt
Long time readers of durham.io will note that this bridge is famous mostly for being horribly late and very much over budget, having originally been scheduled for completion last July and having already received a “mission accomplished” style ribbon cutting ceremony last October. I’ve posted about its delays no less than five times (here and here and here and here and here…) and probably more, but at some point I just lost count.
Anyway, cyclists and pedestrians rejoice! This is the final missing piece required to hook the trail up to Southpoint mall (and indeed, all the way to the Chatham County line), so downtown residents are now able to bike or ped all the way down there on the trail (and vice versa).

EDIT: official announcement from durham dot gov.

Google Fiber may be coming to Durham!

Well lookie here! “Raleigh-Durham” is on the list of “potential Google fiber cities.” When you hover over the area, you’ll see a list of cities including Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and several smaller surrounding towns.

This comes hot on the heels of the Comcast / Time Warner Cable deal, a merger which would presumably join the two loathed ISPs together into a kind of Voltron of horrible service, virtually non-existent customer support, and monopolistic price gouging.

Outside of Time Warner, Durhamites have had slim pickings when it comes to Internets; Clear used to operate its “4G” broadband here (but was acquired by Sprint), and Frontier Communications still claims to have an offering (using Verizon’s old infrastructure), but I’ve yet to actually see that in the wild (and their pricing seems totally horrible).

What can I say? Fingers crossed. Help us google fiber, you’re our only hope!

Durham news odds and ends: SNOWMAGEDDON edition

With the blizzard raging, the bread and milk long gone, and society on the verge of collapse, it seems possible that this missive may be my last communication to the outside world. I must type quickly, for night approaches, and there is no telling what horrors await me.

If I don’t make it to the dawn, know that I died as I lived: writing Durham News Odds and Ends for you guys. Because I just love you all so much.

Guys! I’m really busy, OK!

Lots of irons in the fire, which means fewer posts from me over the next few days. Sorry guys! I’ll do better next time.

I do have a mega Durham News Odds and Ends in the works, and I’ll try extra special hard to get that out this week – assuming, of course, that I survive the nightmare winter storm that is fast approaching.

For your enjoyment, here’s a handy preparation guide (thanks /r/triangle):

Council releases official statement on protests; no word yet on plans for next march

First up, the Herald-Sun has the full text of the council’s position on the matter. It’s not long, but the tldr version is:

  • please get a permit if you’re going to block traffic
  • please don’t run around wearing masks and breaking shit
  • please don’t barge into DPD facilities

Or, as I’d like to even more succinctly summarize it:

  • Don’t be a dick

The Council can’t really do anything concrete to enforce any of this, but it’s a gentle reminder that these protests are illegal (and that legal alternatives do exist).

Next, there’s the question of what the future holds for these protests. The first one happened within a week of Huerta’s death, but the following two events were scheduled for the 19th of their respective months – not a coincidence I would assume, as Huerta died on November 19. I imagine that if there is to be a February march, it would also likely be on the 19th.

So far, I see nothing indicating that one is being planned. There are a few places you can keep an eye on if you’re bored:

      • The prisonbooks dot info web site. These guys are a Chapel Hill anarchist group [ed – they don’t claim to be anarchists specifically, sorry] who has been publishing accounts of the protests. There’s a blog post from shortly after the event which expresses disappointment in the turnout, and seems to imply that another event may not be imminent, with statements like: “It seems likely that for the foreseeable future these monthly street conflicts may die down. The second and third marches were progressively smaller, albeit by a small degree, suggesting a period of rest and recovery.”
      • The Facebook page of Rafael Estrada, AKA Rafael Estrada Maya (which appears to be his full legal name, as some media outlets reported in the past) . Estrada created the event pages for the marches and publicized the earlier events on social media. NB: Estrada has since changed the name of his Facebook account to “Hombreranapez Burbujas
      • The Facebook group page for prisonbooks dot info
      • The Facebook group page of UNC anarchists, which publicized earlier marches

I really want to go back to something I mentioned in a previous post: if you’ve got a problem with the DPD, for whatever reason, there are much smarter ways to pursue your complaint than by associating with anarchists or others who are intent on committing vandalism. If any of the groups listed above start publicizing an event, it’s a pretty safe bet that they’ll take over the situation and steer the crowd towards at least property damage and potentially an all out escalation of conflict with the police.

I mean, this is the kind of thing they’re saying:

If a critique can be made of the march at this point, it would have to be that we lacked the numbers or the will to effectively hold ground against the riot cops after the attack at the police station. Choosing to disperse a couple blocks after the attack rather than face a near certain mass arrest was probably the correct decision, but had the social force existed to hold territory in downtown rather than cede it, a new barrier would have been broken.

So when the anarchists agitators start RSVPing, you might want to bow out – unless you specifically want to pick a fight with the cops, rather than peacefully demonstrating concern over how things are being conducted by the DPD. If you’re looking for a peaceful demonstration, be advised that these guys have very different priorities from you.

EDIT: prison books dot info writes back, to let me know that they don’t identify as an anarchist group. Duly noted above.

Sam’s Bottle Shop on schedule for Spring opening

You know, I’ve got a hell of a sweet spot for Sam’s Quik Shop, and I’m happy to report that, according to the H-S, the new Sam’s location near Woodcroft is well underway – and could open as early as April:

The new store is under construction off N.C. 54, behind the Woodcroft Shopping Center and across from the Harris Teeter-anchored Hope Valley Commons shopping center.

You may remember that I discussed Sam’s previously in one of my earliest blog posts. Most other business openings like this? I’d probably just bury them in DNO&E. But another Sam’s? Nah, this is big news guys. Big news.

In other Sam’s news, the word over at reddit is that they just got in some Bell’s HopSlam. I think I’ll go get me some 🙂