Google Fiber may be coming to Durham!

Well lookie here! “Raleigh-Durham” is on the list of “potential Google fiber cities.” When you hover over the area, you’ll see a list of cities including Chapel Hill, Durham, Raleigh, and several smaller surrounding towns.

This comes hot on the heels of the Comcast / Time Warner Cable deal, a merger which would presumably join the two loathed ISPs together into a kind of Voltron of horrible service, virtually non-existent customer support, and monopolistic price gouging.

Outside of Time Warner, Durhamites have had slim pickings when it comes to Internets; Clear used to operate its “4G” broadband here (but was acquired by Sprint), and Frontier Communications still claims to have an offering (using Verizon’s old infrastructure), but I’ve yet to actually see that in the wild (and their pricing seems totally horrible).

What can I say? Fingers crossed. Help us google fiber, you’re our only hope!

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