The ATT bike/ped bridge over I-40 is finally open

A note from councilman Don Moffitt to the bike and ped mailing list

Marvin Williams just announced that the bridge is now officially open.

Don Moffitt
Long time readers of will note that this bridge is famous mostly for being horribly late and very much over budget, having originally been scheduled for completion last July and having already received a “mission accomplished” style ribbon cutting ceremony last October. I’ve posted about its delays no less than five times (here and here and here and here and here…) and probably more, but at some point I just lost count.
Anyway, cyclists and pedestrians rejoice! This is the final missing piece required to hook the trail up to Southpoint mall (and indeed, all the way to the Chatham County line), so downtown residents are now able to bike or ped all the way down there on the trail (and vice versa).

EDIT: official announcement from durham dot gov.

3 thoughts on “The ATT bike/ped bridge over I-40 is finally open”

  1. In the area near the bridge, I imagine it will be very safe, for several reasons.

    Most importantly, this bridge is going to be *the* pedestrian link between Southpoint mall and the neighborhoods north of I-40. It’s a piece of infrastructure that massively improves walkability in the area, and as such I’d expect it to see a *lot* of traffic. There’s pent up demand for improved walkability in south Durham, I think.

    This is also one of the most visible areas of the trail, both in terms of public scrutiny (since this is the most expensive and prominently displayed segment), and in terms of actual eyeballs observing it in their line of sight (since it’s not tucked away in the woods like other areas).

    I expect that the DPD will really want to keep this part well protected, at least at first, because the last thing they want are headlines about people getting mugged on their shiny new bridge near a prominent retail destination.

    Further south, I don’t expect much trouble for different reasons. There isn’t a lot of crime in general as you move away from the city in South Durham. I expect much less usage of the trail down there (primarily as recreation, rather than as a means of transportation) but since the areas are generally safe to begin with I expect few problems.

    As for the older part of the trail, which runs through some really sketchy areas? I dunno what the future looks like there. Cameras lent to the city from CBC are still a possibility, but I haven’t heard any progress on them lately. I haven’t seen much about the DPD making it a priority (and god knows they’ve got a lot of stuff to deal with right now, this being probably lower on their list).

    Typically crime on the trail drops when it gets cold outside simply due to fewer targets, and the winter has been quiet. Maybe we’ll get a better sense when spring comes.

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