WRAL: I read the comments so you don’t have to

It’s time once again for some comments from our good friends over at WRAL dot com! If you’d like to preserve your faith in humanity, I’d suggest that you just skip this one.

OK, are you ready to be depressed? READ ON!

Up first, here’s a downright baffling comment on the story about Rise accepting BTC [ED: both spellings of “donut” are actually acceptable, lest you be confused]:

mafiamic: It is DONUTS not doughnuts….Pretty soon you’ll be paying with your picture,show a copy of your drivers license online on a site then get your goods and pay later. And not the one from 20 years ago when you were a supermodel wannabe before your 20 kids changed you either.

I… um… what? (on the Duke porn star article):

notexactly: Um like bill getting a lawinsky in the white house , then lying about it, then having his wife lie about it and try to ruin ml life. (well until the blue dress came out) Both her and bill were wrong to lie. Hilary was wrong to try to slander ml alone. Both were wrong, but you will vote for Hilary just the same cause dems can do stuff like that and you are good with it, Makes no difference if this girl is a dem ore rep. her business. But when a prez lies to the American people it is wrong and sad. You know like O did also. Wow take off your one way glasses.

On the wonderfully titled article “One hour, three gunshot victims in Durham“:

ThomasL: Don’t travel to Durham so let em kill each other off,just another day in the worst town in NC,who else has daily shooting?

Check out this sick burn from an article about a guy who shot his baby:

Itsmyopinion67: Note to local news channels — It’s NOT breaking news when someone is shot in Durham. It’s breaking news when someone is NOT shot in Durham.

Astoundingly, these guys even showed up on an article about the expansion of the NC Museum of Life & Sciences:

03arabian2: That is nothing at all what all of Durham is now is it? Its a cesspool of crime and shootings, murders and robberies. Why would anyone want to take their family to play in the middle of it?

And last but not least, it wouldn’t be WIRTCSYDHT if I didn’t include at least one racist:

MadMaxx: welcome to Durham, Crime Capital of NC. More crimes committed by blacks on blacks, but has a problem of profiling since most of the crime is black. Facts just make liberal news groups so mad.

That’s it for this episode folks!

Oh, a program note: I’m pretty busy again, so posts may be a bit less frequent for the next week.


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