Pizzeria Toro sued by apartment resident, wraps up “Dreams of” Cookery events

The HS has news that Pizzeria Toro and the firm that services their cooking equipment (ExhaustClean) have been sued by a resident in one of the neighboring apartments:

The suit claims negligence by the shop and the company ExhaustClean, which was allegedly contracted to clean the shop’s fireplace, chimney and exhaust venting areas three weeks before the fire occurred. According to the lawsuit, the company notified the shop that there were inaccessible areas that it couldn’t or wouldn’t clean because they were blocked.

No response from Toro, as yet.

In better Toro News, they completed their fifth and final pre-opening “Toro Dreams of” event, “Toro Dreams of Mateo,” a couple of weeks ago. The restaurant has been closed since November due to the fire, and the Toro staff (along with several other Durham restaurateurs) hosted charity events at the Cookery in the interim. I’ll be sad to see those events go, but perhaps they’ll return some day under more auspicious circumstances  – who knows?

I haven’t seen an official word on a re-opening date, but the fact that they’re finished doing Cookery events leads me to suspect that Toro will be back in business Real Soon Now.

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