McPherson Hospital project begins anew after years of demolition by neglect

You may remember that the city gave the green light to incentives for an extended stay hotel on the site of the McPherson Hospital last fall. The site, at the corner of Buchanan and Main, has had a troubled history; demolition of the additions to the hospital originally began in 2008, with plans to re-use parts of the original historic structure in the new hotel.

Things didn’t go so well, though, what with the economy and all that. So the hospital was left exposed to the elements ever since construction stopped in 2009:

As demolition work has restarted on the project (exactly when I’m uncertain, but it’s within the past month or so), it’s obvious how little of the structure they intend to re-use. It seems likely that most of it was already rendered unusable due to being exposed to the elements for so long, and they’ve started pulling out the wood and glass. Here’s what the shell looked like this morning (pardon the cell phone snaps):

In one of those images, you can see a poster with the rendering of the new hotel. What is retained of the facade will sit roughly in the center of the building, surrounded by the new brick structure.

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