Police shut down Chapel Hill St. and Duke St. due to suspicious package

Uh oh guys, watch out:

The Durham Police Department and the bomb unit from the Durham County Sheriff’s Office are investigating a report of a suspicious package

Hmm, a suspicious package near the bus station! What could it be? It sure must be a major threat for the bomb squad to enter the scene…

HAHA APRIL FOOLS SUCKERS! Turns out it was just luggage. You know, from the bus station probably.

From the H-S’s Wes Platt:

All-clear given at NC Mutual Life building. Bag apparently left by transit passenger. Does not pose obvious threat.

Now I’m no expert, but I imagine that luggage gets left around the bus station kind of often. What exactly triggered the Zero Dark Thirty action on this one? Was it ticking? Covered in wires and hot dogs? Did it say “BOMB” on it?

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