Sam’s Bottle Shop set for Thursday opening

Sam’s Bottle Shop (previously discussed here) is apparently ready to rock. It sounds like the new shop is kicking it up a notch:

The new, 5,200-square-foot store is located at 1112 W N.C. 54. It has 26 taps, an educational facility, tasting room and a catwalk to a second-story patio, according to the release. It will have craft beer, wine and champagne.

I’ll mostly keep frequenting the original Quik Shop, seeing as how it’s right down the road and all, but I’m more than a little jealous of you south Durhamites.

The original location on Erwin has been serving the Ninth St. area’s craft beer needs for years, and hopefully it will continue to do so for years to come. One potential SNAFU for the original Sam’s, though: mass transit plans have called for claiming imminent domain on the store and turning it into a train station.

With its second location that’s no longer an existential threat for the business, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, OK?

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