RDU’s terminal 1 is opening on Sunday

If you’ve flown out of RDU within the past two years, particularly on Southwest, you’ve probably noticed the effects of the Terminal 1 renovation. The airport’s been working on the $68M project to retrofit Terminal 1 (née Terminal A) to match its shiny sibling across the street for so long now that I’d forgotten it was a thing that could actually be finished some day.

As previously mentioned, it’s been a rough winter for the project, and it’s running behind. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel, and the terminal should be open for business this Sunday:

The renovated terminal includes nine gates, expanded ticketing, baggage claim and security screening area and more natural lighting, officials said. The 11 new shops and restaurants in the terminal include the first airport location for Raleigh-based Char-Grill and ACC American Café, the conference’s first licensed restaurant.

Southwest will be the biggest beneficiary in the near term, as they’ve been operating out of a tiny sliver of the original terminal, which is linked by temporary walkways and just generally feels… old. And while it’ll be a nice upgrade, do take note: in the future other airlines will also start using Terminal 1, so you can no longer simply assume that if it ain’t Southwest you’re in Terminal 2.

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