If you forgot to early vote, you can still regular vote

Just a brief reminder that today is the last day to vote in the primary election. You can find your polling place at the Durham county web site. Polls close at 7:30 p.m. tonight.

The turnout in early voting was low, as is typical for midterm elections, but it doesn’t seem to have been substantially impacted by the shortened early voting schedule.

Below is the list of endorsements, in case you need them. For some reason you are not allowed to use a telephone in the polling place, so you might want to print it out ahead of time if you’d like to refer to it when you vote.

Protip: in NC, Independents can select which party ballot they receive when they arrive at the polls. I won’t tell you Independents how to cast your own votes, but I’ll mention that if you choose the Republican ballot you get the chance to vote in a hotly contested primary race which will determine who runs against Hagan for US Senate this fall.


Indy Week Durham People’s Alliance Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People Friends of Durham
US Senate (D)
Kay Hagan Kay Hagan Kay Hagan
US Senate (R)
Ted Alexander
US Senate (L)
Sean Haugh
US House 1 (D) GK Butterfield GK Butterfield GK Butterfield
US House 1 (R) Arthur Rich
US House 6 (D) Bruce Davis Laura Fjeld Bruce Davis
US House 6 (R) Zack Matheny
US House 13 (D) Brenda Cleary Virginia Conlon
State Supreme Court (NP) Robin Hudson Robin Hudson Robin Hudson
NC Senate 22 (R) Herman Joubert
NC House 50 (R) W Lewis Hannah Jr.
Durham DA (D) Brian Aus Roger Echols Roger Echols Brian Aus
District Court 14 – Gordon seat (NP) Nancy Gordon Nancy Gordon Fred Battaglia Jr. (???)
District Court 14 – Walker seat (NP) Henry Pruette Doretta Walker Doretta Walker
Board of Education – District 1 (NP) Mike Lee Mike Lee Mike Lee Mike Lee
Board of Education – District 2 (NP) Sendolo Diaminah Sendolo Diaminah Donald A Hughes Terrence Ray Scarborough
Board of Education – District 3 (NP) Matt Sears Matt Sears Deborah L Bryson (???) Lisa Gordon Stella
Board of Education – District 4 (NP) Natalie Beyer Natalie Beyer Natalie Beyer
Sheriff (D) Mike Andrews Mike Andrews Clarence Birkhead Mike Andrews

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