People voted! Here’s who we voted for!

I know you’ve been waiting for my insights on the election, sorry about the delay! I think the big story here is that the Committee on the Affairs of Black People doesn’t seem to be as big a factor as it once was in Durham politics. They went against the People’s Alliance in several cases, and they didn’t win a single one of them.

Turnout was pretty good for a midterm election at around 15%, despite the changes to early voting procedures.

School board (nonpartisan):

  • Mike Lee defeated long time incumbent Omega Curtis Parker in District 1. Lee was endorsed by every political group. I guess Parker didn’t make many friends.
  • Sendolo Diaminah won in District 2. Diaminah was endorsed by the Indy and the Alliance, and he was outspent by his competitors, but he did a lot of community outreach personally.
  • Matt Sears won District 3. Like Sendolo, he was endorsed by the Indy and the Alliance.
  • Natalie Beyer ran unopposed in District 4 and defeated “Other”

DA (Democrat, running with no other party in opposition):

Sheriff (Democrat, running with no other party in opposition):

  • Mike Andrews, the incumbant (who was appointed after Worth Hill retired in 2011), won handily. Andrews was endorsed by everybody but the Committee.

District Judges (nonpartisan):

  • Doretta Walker will face Henry Pruette in the general election. Walker had a large lead in the primary.
  • Nancy Gordon will face Fred Battaglia in the general election. The primary was very close, so this will be one to keep an eye on (also, they have split endorsements from the Alliance and Committee)

NC House (Republican):

  • Rod Chaney easily defeated his challenger and will face incumbent Graig Meyer in the fall for District 50.

NC Senate (Republican):

  • Milton Holmes narrowly won his primary in district 22 and moves on to face incumbent (and former City Councilman) Mike Woodard.

US House (Democrat):

  • Incumbent Butterfield easily defeated his sole Democratic challenger in District 1.
  • Laura Fjeld (endorsed by the Alliance) defeated Bruce Davis in District 6. Davis was endorsed by both the Indy and the Committee.
  • Brenda Cleary readily defeated her sole challenger in the 13th district. Cleary will face incumbent George Holding in the general election.

US House (Republican):

  • Arthur Rich narrowly won in District 1.
  • Mark Walker and Phil Berger Jr. were the top two candidates in a large District 6 field, and they’ll face off in a runoff in July.

US Senate:

  • Unsurprisingly, this will be Tillis vs Hagan.

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